Estate Planning & Administration

Everyone’s personal, family and financial circumstances are different, so we provide a personal, customized approach to estate planning. We will prepare your will or trusts creatively to best address your particular situation.  We can develop solutions for individuals and families, with small or large estates, to help you take advantage of the tax-saving methods available.  We also prepare the needed documents to address lifetime issues, such as medical emergencies, incapacity or long-term absence from the country.

We have provided estate planning to address a range of special concerns, including:

  • All types of intellectual property
  • Partners with different nationalities
  • Assets in multiple jurisdictions
  • Gay partners and non-traditional families
  • Business continuity and succession
  • Asset protection
  • Mental and/or physical incapacity

We provide expert help with decedents’ estate matters, both in the courts and with taxing authorities, and provide proper after-death tax planning to help minimize taxes. We can also handle legal matters which arise whenever there is a severe medical event or long-term incapacity.